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RECS was established in 2017 in Cyprus so as to provide civil, material and other engineering services, which primarily focus on research, innovation and development in order to provide specialised solutions and consultation.

The company’s philosophy is linked with innovation and flexibility, while guided by the principles of Sustainable Development. Due to its highly diverse and extensive experience, both in the industry and the academia, the company is able to cater to a wide variety of projects and client needs. The company is based in Cyprus, Greece and Oman and thus, its strategic position allows it to easily undertake projects in Europe as well as in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

In addition to being a creative team, RECS members have strong working relationships with several EU, international, and local agencies and departments as well as major players in the private sector, as much in Cyprus as in the EU, the US, and the Middle East. As such, the experience and relationships developed within these entities streamline a better implementation of projects.


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We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Furthermore, the company staff and collaborators have extensive experience in the development of innovative building materials, tailored made for specialised needs and applications. The developments of such materials have their roots in the principles of sustainable development through the valorisation of several waste streams, which derive from sectors such as construction, cement, mining, petrochemical, industrial, tourist, etc.

Moreover, we are experts in the development of innovative, competitive, sustainable and economically viable fire-resistant materials suitable for sectors such as buildings, petrochemical, marine, aerospace, tunnels construction, etc. For the development of such materials, several state-of-the-art methods such as geopolymerisation are often applied.

Last but not least, the company has a long expertise in the area of concrete technology, having developed numerous types of concrete mixtures for a variety of specialised environments and applications.

Our Team

RECS is a team of dynamic and passionate scientists and engineers that strives for excellence in the areas of innovative sustainable building materials and concrete technology. The team composes of a group of civil, materials, mining, metallourgical and environmental engineers and geologists, technical and administrative staff. 

Furthermore, RECS has an extended network of collaborators in European Union and internationally, that streamline a better implementation of any undertaken project.