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RECS offers comprehensive research, development and innovation services, along with the provision of specialized solutions and consultation services for a wide variety of engineering applications and clientele.

Research, Development & Innovation

We believe that a leading company must be an innovative and pioneering organisation in all aspects of operation. Therefore, it is of utmost importance the continuous investment in cutting edge research, novel technologies and innovative procedures and methodologies for the design of tailored-made, effective and efficient solutions to specific customers’ problems and needs. The valorisation of several solid wastes and the development of optimised, value-added and sustainable materials is a priority that enables us to maintain market leadership. Such initiatives, supported by our RDI department (i.e. personnel, laboratories and technical resources), ensure that we consistently deliver on our promises of innovative solutions which meet stringent applications and performance criteria.


Specialised Solutions & Consultation

Our specialists (civil, materials, mining, metallourgical, environmental engineers and geologists, technical and administrative staff, along with our extended network of collaborators) strive for excellence in the areas of innovative building materials and concrete technology, aiming to provide customised, effective, efficient, sustainable and economic solutions to your current needs and further to lay the foundations for what you may need for the future. Our consultants bring fresh perspectives with proven approaches based on latest research findings and technical developments, all with insights drawn from decades of experience across different relative sectors in Cyprus, Greece, Middle East and internationally.

Research, Development
& Innovation

Our team works on idea formation and relationship building, thus seeking knowledge to develop, design, and enhance products, services, and solutions. For the implementation of this objective, we participate in competitive local and European research calls as a member of several consortia with partners from the academia, industry, governmental organisations and other stakeholders.
Furthermore, RECS can work with individuals or groups to explore ideas and help develop them into research funding applications, which can be linked to the appropriate partners across the globe, including those in universities, research Institutes, industry, public organisations, etc.


Specialised Solutions
& Consultation

Our background and expertise along with our ongoing research and development activities allows us to provide unique and exclusive solutions related to the development of innovative building materials, the valorisation of waste materials from different sectors for the development of value-added products, concrete technology, etc.
Additionally, RECS laboratory is equipped with a wide spectrum of modern testing machines and other specialised equipment, thus giving the opportunity to conduct advanced tests related to the characterisation of building materials. Last but not least, our experts can design and develop cutting-edge, tailored-made methodologies and setups for non-conventional experimental solutions.

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We are experts in the valorization of solid wastes derived from sectors such as construction, cement, mining, petrochemical, industrial, tourist, etc.

Our methodology is based on the geopolymerisation technology, which allows the use of several waste materials for the development of fire-resistant products. This has as a result the development of incombustible inorganic polymers, the cost of which is even more than 30% lower than the price of other commercial fire resistant materials used for the buildings protection.

We, as concrete specialists, aim to provide customised solutions in terms of mechanical properties, durability, cost-effectiveness and environmental footprint. Our RDI department works in the development of innovative solutions tailored to each separate situation and need.

 Our company has an open recruitment policy. Therefore, we remove unnecessary barriers to appointing talented and competent staff from all kinds of relative backgrounds to our activities, who could be contributing to our organisation.